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Re: [IPk] Diet, Exercise + raised BGMIs

Hi Bev
I think the problem is almost certainly that since you're not eating much 
during the day, your insulin levels are very low. When you start exercising, 
you're getting an increase in BG level because there's not enough insulin in 
your body to start with. 
You know how if you start exercising with a high BG, it can make your BG go 
up instead of down? It's the same cause - because you don't have enough 
insulin to start with (won't give you the technical details but doubtless 
someone else will!).
So, what you need to do is either increase your basal rate before/during 
running, or take a bolus before you start, or try eating something during the 
morning and bolusing for it.
I've had the same thing happen when I've not eaten much during the day and 
then gone dancing in the evening without eating first. Normally I reduce my 
insulin for dancing, but if I haven't eaten much during the preceding 4-5 
hours and therefore not had any extra insulin, my insulin level is too low 
(especially if I reduce the basal) and my BG shoots up afterwards.
I did exactly that yesterday - had lunch consisting of soup at 1pm (and 
bolused 1 unit) then didn't eat again before going dancing from 6-9pm. Bg 
before I started dancing was 8 - which seemed perfect. After 2 hors itwas 
still 8, which I thought a bit odd. When I got home at 9.30 it was 15!

On Monday 28 January 2002 13:46, you wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone knows of a link between dieting,
> exercising and unexpected high BGMs?  I run regularly 2 or 3
> times a week and prior to trying a pump the running would
> cause my BGMs to rise from say 7 to around 20 after 2.5
> miles.  Since going on the pump I have found that keeping the
> pump at its usual rate (no reduction works best for me) has
> been fine for the past 5 months.  Suddenly though the old
> problem is back.  I had a BGM of 5 this morning when I woke
> up.  I had a glass of milk for breakfast (7 am) and then went
> for a run at midday with a bgm of 7.8.  At 13:00 (after a
> shower) my BGM was 18.6!.  The same thing happened last week
> with a rise from 6.2 to 17.6.  I am on a diet at the moment
> (lost a stone).  I don't east breakfast (glass of milk) and I
> don't eat lunch (except on days when I run when I follow the
> run with some fruit and a small slice of plain cake).  I
> prefer to eat a meal in the evening with a couple of glasses
> of wine.  This is I accept not the perfect diet but it works
> for me and I really don't get hungry in the day (especially
> with a bgm of 18.6!)
> Do you think the reduction in food is placing my body under
> increased stress when I run causing the high BGM?  I am
> loathe to increase insulin levels when I run but that appears
> to be the next step.  Checking my BGM after a mile seems
> ridiculous (and I don't want to carry the kit with me).  I
> don't believe I go low when I run as I feel fine.  I may
> check it next time as soon as I get back in (rather than
> after I shower) just to be sure its not a rebound thing!
> Bev
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