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Re: [IPk] Good News Or Not?

Hi Dave

I have not got D myself but have a 7 year old with D.

 This thing with depression does seem to come up a lot on other D support
lists a lot.  You say that you have taken antidepressants on and off since
you were 14.  Is this before the D.  Sorry I cant remember how long you have
had D.

Have they tried you on different tablets?  It sounds as though these ones
are not working that well for you. I have in the past taken tablets for
depression so I remember how it feels when just doing a simple everyday task
seems impossible.  A lot of people think that tablets are not good to keep
taking but it's like insulin, if you need it, you need it.  Don't feel
guilty about something you cannot help. Does the counselling help at all?
Perhaps other on this list can tell you of their experiences what they found
that worked.  Take care.


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From: "Dave Sayer" <email @ redacted>
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     The real problem i have is my depression I have severe problems with it
> and i feel that if I didn't get depressed I would probably have
> better control, I am on antidepressants and have been on and off since i
> 14 and I get weekly group and monthly one2one counselling, its  been about
> months the bout I'm having some days I can hardly function, which isn't
> with a family which then makes me feel worse. I did explain this to the
> and he said that often diabetics do suffer from depression.
>      I wonder are there others in the group who suffer as well, I know
> did mention it, is it just me or have most of us gone or are going through
> this , I wonder has anyone heard of links relating to the two of these.
>      Sorry to be a miserable git be I felt like asking.
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