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Re: [IPk] Good News Or Not?

Hey Dave, it sounds like you have had difficult times. As far as I can tell,
diabetes doesn't cause depression, although it acts as a trigger for getting
worse every so often. This means that even though it's been around for a
while, you can conquer it just as you have conquered your diabetes, that is
with perseverance and a little help from your friends (US) your family,
professionals and modern technology. Medications are valuable, and I don't
have to tell you how much they've improved in recent years. Not just the
'SSRI' agents, but more recent second generation ones. The counselling is
well worth sticking with as well.

I imagine the trepidation of diabetes visits don't make things easy, but
compared to me you are doing pretty well, I'm still closer to 14 stone for
example! Fancy a slimathon, anyone?

I'm encouraged by your report on eyes, as I've had laser 3 times and I'm
hoping this will have stopped by the time I go for my first review on the
pump. Laser treatment is much better than it used to be, the first time I
had it, it was so fine my vision actually improved! It's still perfect, so
I'm not worried.

Anyway, Dave, sorry to hear you've more than diabetes to cope with, but cope
you will, if you get yourself on a pump in the UK, anything else will be

Tony O'S
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