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[IPk] Good News Or Not?

Hello Everyone,

     I had two hospital appointments this week, first my eyes, my retinopathy
is still fairly stable, this is the second year in a row, needless to say
second year on the pump.
     Also my HbA1c was 8.4 not exactly low but identical to last years, and
the two years on the pump its remained 7.4 to 8.4 so i'm fairly pleased, I saw
a different doc not my consultant but he had obviously read my notes before
hand. He said before we start i can't really help you much as you know so much
but was fascinated about how much info I get from this group, he was extremly
helpful in listening and offering advice where he could, at the end of the day
i came away feeling quite pleased.
     I did point out that my weight had gone up to 13 stone which I'm not
happy about as i do really watch what I eat so I planning on trying to lose
some weight.although most people say I don't look fat as i am fairly stocky
but obviously it concerns me because it can lead to complications.
     The real problem i have is my depression I have severe problems with it
and i feel that if I didn't get depressed I would probably have signifficant
better control, I am on antidepressants and have been on and off since i was
14 and I get weekly group and monthly one2one counselling, its  been about 18
months the bout I'm having some days I can hardly function, which isn't easy
with a family which then makes me feel worse. I did explain this to the doctor
and he said that often diabetics do suffer from depression.
     I wonder are there others in the group who suffer as well, I know Hillie
did mention it, is it just me or have most of us gone or are going through
this , I wonder has anyone heard of links relating to the two of these.
     Sorry to be a miserable git be I felt like asking.

Dave :-(
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