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Re: [IPk] air travel

> And just what are you supposed to do if you use a finger pricker made by a
> different company from your meter and/or it has no labelling on? Buy one
> specially to take with you on the flight?

I agree, also most manufacturers give the lancet a different name to the
meter. Can you imagine a crazed attacker trying to take over an aircraft
with a lancet? Seems ridiculous.

> My insulin doesn't come with a label on either, saying it's mine. It just
> comes in its standard box.
> Di

This can be fixed. I asked my pharmacist for a few labels, and I keep a box
with one on for travelling. Like everyone else I've only had my pump
detected twice in over 20 trips, and one of those was on Sept 11th, when we
would all have been happy to strip if necessary! I never declare it and it
doesn't usually set off alarms, but it can if they turn up the sensitivity.

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