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Re: [IPk] Strips for meters and US mg/dl

Hi Jackie,

It wouldn't be a good idea to assume that they're compatible without
checking with Medisense.  The strips for the Medisense Soft-Sense/Sof-Tact
are definitely NOT compatible with each other, despite the two machines
being virtually identical.  It might also be worth looking in to the cost of
buying them here.



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Subject: [IPk] Strips for meters and US mg/dl

> I have been asked a question by an American mother, whose 14 year old son
> coming over to England for several weeks on a school trip.  She has one of
> those new Medisense meters called  InDuo. She was just wondering  about
> strips, although he will bring another meter with him, will the strips
> you buy here work in the meters.  I assume they would work just the same
> even though their meters are set to read in Md/dl.  Am I correct in
> that is right?
>  Obviously he will bring extra strips, but if there was an emergency and
> meter/strips were lost or damaged.
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