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Re: [IPk] air travel

I'm just back from the US. I had my insulin in boxes with the label from the 
chemist, as recommended by the American Diabetes Association. I packed one 
spare syringe, all my pump supplies, and my insulin in my hand luggage. I 
got stopped in Dublin because there was a forgotten fork in my laptop bag. 
They confiscated it. I told no one I was diabetic here or in O'Hare, and 
nothing was picked up by the xray machines or the walk through security 
device. I keep to the'don't tell, don't ask' policy that is so popular in 
the US.

I do suggest travelling with insulin labelled as per the ADA 
recommendations, just in case you're pulled for a random search. I also had 
a doctor's letter, but the ADA guidelines for flying specifically said 
letters wouldn't be accepted.


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