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[IPn] Re: [IP] Hgb A1C resu;ts

> Hi, everyone Just wanted to say I got my first hemoglobin A1C done
> today. Before I started on the pump 3 months ago, it was 8.3 and now
> it is 6.9 I am so happy with my MM 508. I hope  everything remains 
> this good. I feel better now then I had in a long time. i have been
> i diabetic for 21 years.

Just a reminder to all of you. If you have new results for your hbA1c 
or just new info in general about a pump upgrade, the kind of insulin 
you use, whatever..... PLEASE PLEASE update your 

Insulin Pumpers Information Form

This is a voluntary survey form that we ask you to submit that help 
provide information about pumpers in general. Many of the results of 
this survey are displayed on the ABOUT page of the web site AND it 
has proved very useful for the members that have questions about 
which insulin, what set, and so on.... In addition, it has proved a 
valuable resource for those companies that make products that all of 
us are interested in and that in the end is beneficial to us as a 

If you have not filled out an Insulin Pumpers Information Form, 
please do so today by visiting the Members Only Page or the ABOUT 
page of the web site and clicking the button for the form.

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