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Re: [IPk] air travel

> Don't you believe it Di! They'll do whatever is necessary to ensure the
> safety of plane and passengers, and security intelligence can change
> rapidly.
> A friend of mine was flying El Al from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv to take part
> in a concert. He was travelling separately from the rest of the party,
> which aroused suspicions. He was not allowed onto the plane until security
> had telephoned the management at the Tel Aviv concert hall, and received
> confirmation that this chap was indeed giving the concert as claimed.
> John

Wow, I'm impressed! In that case I take it back! Still, if they confiscate 
all my DM equipment on the plane to the US, at least I can contact the 
Insulin Pumpers list in the US and beg some spares off somebody :-)
And if they don't let me on the plane, at least I can go to the dance 
competition I'm having to miss
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