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RE: [IPk] air travel

>I've been to Dublin and Denmark on planes since Sept 11.  The first time
>I was v. assiduous, got a drs letter, told the people on the x-ray
>machine.  Once my bag had gone through they pulled it off for searching.
>Horror!  cold sweat!!  Anyway it turned out that the metal part of my
>hair clip (packed in my bag for cosmetic and not medical purposes) had
>looked like a knife on the x-ray...  The second time I didn't tell anyone
>and sailed straight through.

Stay cool Abigail... I got a doctor's letter in 1977 for the
Bristol-Bordeaux school exchange. I forget when the letter finally fell

In recent years, I've never bothered. My pump is my own business. At
Frankfurt airport they often wave a wand over me, and may pick up my
glucose tablets in left trouser pocket and pump in right pocket. At this
point I produce the pump, and say it's an insulin pump. End of
conversation. They've already seen a dozen that morning already.

Have a good trip :-)


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