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Re: [IPk] air travel

Hi Abigail,

These days, they do usually let you keep everything with you.  It can't hurt
to have a letter from you GP, if you're anxious that they might take things
off you, but plenty of pump users I know of have travelled without one, in
fact I know of one who is going off to the Amazonian rainforests for three
weeks, next week, pump and all, now there's a challenge for the
adventurous!.  Where possible don't give your insulin to a member of the
cabin crew, you should try to insist on keeping everything in your hand
luggage in the overhead stowage.

Hope this helps,

Kind regards


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From: Abigail King <email @ redacted>
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Date: 24 January 2002 16:45
Subject: [IPk] air travel

>Sorry to bring up an already exhaustd topic. I plan to fly from Cardiff to
>Belfast soon. ( British Airways) I asked advice from the airline and was
>advised to get a letter from my GP. It was also mentioned that at one point
>medication was being stored in a locker during flight, in the immediate
>after Sept 11th, although this doesn't seem to be the case now. I find this
>a little worrying and wonder whether anyone else has had experience of
>I suppose even if this was still the case it would not be a great problem
>but I personally would feel uneasy about it being " mislaid"
>I have only travelled by plane once in my life. This was in 1997 to Paris
>and Amsterdam. I had a GPs letter . I was using syringes, some of which I'd
>stuffed in my suitcase rather than my hand luggage. I decided to open my
>suitcase to retrieve something else and hey presto  about half a dozen
>syringes fell onto the floor. No one batted an eyelid. Oh for those days!!!
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