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Re: [IPk] pilates and BGs

> Sorry it's probably
> a bit late by now, but I found with Pilates/yoga that it was very
> chill-out and despite not being strenuous it did require a reduction in
> the basal (to 70% or so for me).  Normally I'm a stress bunny so maybe it
> was the lack of adrenaline... Hope you enjoyed it! K

Hi Katherine
Well my Bg had been running a little high all day, and it was high just 
before the class, so I took a small bolus and then did the hour's class 
without adjusting anything. At the end of the class my Bg was 5.2. So that 
was fine, but I'd have to see what happens when my Bg is normal to start 
with. I suspect I won't have to do anything at all insulin-wise, as it was 
very non-strenuous.

I did enjoy the class but it seemed like we didn't accomplish very much. I 
did a Pilates video a few weeks ago, and learnt far more in doing that for 
half an hour (I didn't get through to the end because people kept phoning me 
up!) than I did in an hour's class. She spent so much time talking and not 
much time teaching things. But I think I already understood most of the 
concepts, from my dance lessons where we get taught a lot of the same things 
about core stability, whereas it was probably a new concept to most people 
there. I did feel very relaxed at the end of the class. The main problem was 
that she switched almost all the lights off, and in any case it was very hard 
to see what she was doing. I know I could have said something, but I 
Anyway, I think I will continue doing Pilates, because I do like the concept, 
but probably just do it with a video and maybe go to the occasional class.
Oh, and I had no problems with the pump itself. I just clipped it onto my 
shorts on my hip and didn't have to move it at all (we spent all the lesson 
either standing up or lying on our backs).
Thanks for all the advice!
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