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Re: [IPk] pilates and BGs

Hi Di

I've tried to pilates and to be honest the class I went to was VERY calm,
even more laid back than the yoga I've done, although it was pilates for
beginners so I'm sure it steps up a gear at some stage, but you don't get
out of breath or work up a sweat or anything like that.   It's mostly
concentrating on breathing and posture, lots of stretching etc, lots of
lying down too! :)

Hope this helps with what to expect.

Kind regards


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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 23 January 2002 16:22
Subject: [IPk] pilates and BGs

>I remember someone talking about Pilates on here a while ago.
>I'm about to go to my first Pilates class tonight (my dance teacher advised
>me to go, to help with breathing and core stability) and I'm not sure how
>much it's going to affect my BG levels.
>I'm guessing that it won't actually be that strenuous (especially since I'm
>quite fit) so I shouldn't have to reduce my basal by much - if at all. I'll
>probably just keep the pump clipped to my shorts and move it around as
>necessary (in case I end up lying on it).
>Anyway, if anyone's done Pilates at all and has any advice on how it
>their BG, I'd be interested to know.
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