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[IPk] Hands and Steroid Injections

A year ago, the middle finger on my left hand started to click, and I 
thought nothing of it.  As the weeks went by it became more painful and I 
couldn't straighten it without a great deal of pain.  Eventually I was 
referred to my local hospital, and the consultant told me he was going to 
inject the finger joint through the palm of my
hand, with a steroid.

I'll be honest, the very thought sent shivers right through me, but I 
gritted my teeth, and he got on with the job in hand (no pun intended!).   
Within minutes, the finger began to move again, and it straightened no 
problem, free of pain   A year later, it is
still straight, and I only suffer the clicking occasionally, so it was worth 
the brief, but intense pain of the injection  I'm sure if I had another 
injection it would be completely free of problems.... but....ouch....I'll 
wait a while !


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