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[IPk] What is Cheiroarthropathy?

Hi Anne

Its a diabetic complaint mainly associated with long term Db an unstable
bloods, the patient is unable to extend their fingers or flatten their hands
which is what I have, most commonly both hands are affected. I also have very
bad problems gripping things, I can't make a fist as my fingers lock completly
and I have to snap them back it is quite painful and really annoying as the
simplest of things can become a real nightmare.
     I have been taking anti-flammitry and pain killers for arthritis for
years and they havn't helped and i also try to exercise my hands as much as
     Apparantly according to american research about 50% of diabetics suffer
from this.
    The research shows that this is a form of neuropathy, its also written
that tunnel carpal, trigger finger are also more common in type 1 diabetics in
more mature age.


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