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Re: [IPk] 37 year old male scared of needles????????


I have a Disetronic pump and started off with Disetronic Silouhette/Tender
infusion set. (I always use my tummy by the way). NIGHTMARE.  I am far too
skinny for such huge needles and went back to the hospital for supervision
while I changed my set the first time!  I nearly fainted and in the end the
nurse had to do it for me.

Next I tried a drawing type thing from Disetronic, where unfortunately you
leave the needle in instead of removing it to leave a plastic cannula.
After a few hours, this was agony and I could hardly walk.  This was a
Friday night and I simply had to change back to a Silhouette/Tender, which I
managed to insert without fainting.

Then my Diabetes nurse found out that Minimed infusion sets could be used
with Disetronic pumps.  So, now I use Minimed Quick-set infusion sets with a
Quick-serter (whanger) device!  It is totally the bees knees - I love it.
It doesn't hurt a bit - it just goes thud!  (It took me ages to pluck up the
courage to do it the first time though).  The other bonus is that the needle
is then removed leaving a lovely comfortable plastic cannula inside.

I wonder if I could go into advertising with Minimed?  I should see if they
will pay me for this advert? Enough to pay off the Christmas overdraft will

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