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Re: [IPk] Unwanted bolus...

It didn't take 7 year old Sam long to figure it out - the best thing that
could have happened for us, as he now does his own boluses (under

To get to the child lock (on the 508):-

(1) From the [TIME OF DAY] screen, press {SEL} several times, until you see
(2) Press {ACT}.
(3) Press {SEL} several times until you see the [CHILD BLOCK] screen.
(4) Press {ACT}.
(5) Use the arrow keys to select [ON] or [OFF] as appropriate.
(6) Press {ACT}.

Very simple.



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From: "Diana Maynard" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: 15 January 2002 18:06
Subject: Re: [IPk] Unwanted bolus...

> On Tuesday 15 January 2002 17:22, you wrote:
> > >Gosh - that could have been very nasty!
> > >Perhaps you should consider setting the child lock at night?
> >
> > My 507 pre-dates child locks. But how would a child lock stop *my* child
> > unlocking it? Like - if I can unlock it, so can he...
> >
> > John
> yes, but it might take him a little while longer to figure out how to
> it :-)
> I don't remember how the child lock works, but the point of it is to stop
> child fiddling with it and giving unwanted boluses. It shouldn't make a
> difference whether the pump is being worn by the child or someone else.
> Granted - he'd probably figure it out eventually, but it might give you a
> of breathing space.
> That's a good point actually - does anyone know exactly how the child lock
> does work?
> Di
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