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Re: [IPk] 37 year old male scared of needles????????

I was quite scared about the idea of sticking the needle in at first, even 
though I never had a problem with injections. On the morning of my diagnosis 
(aged 8) the nurse told me I might as well give myself my first injection, as 
I was going to have to do it for the rest of my life (HAH - I haven't done an 
injection for nearly 3 years now!) and she stood and watched while I did it. 
No messing around with oranges or watching other people do it! The first time 
was quite scary, but I think I was even more scared of the nurse so I just 
got on and did it!
Anyway, back to inserting sets..... John told me it didn't hurt any more than 
a normal injection, and for some strange reason, I believed him! And again, 
just got on and did it. Actually my first insertion ever was a Sofset without 
the whanger! (because I wasn't given one). Didn't hurt much, and after that, 
everything else was easy!

I still don't particularly like inserting the sets (sometimes it hurts and I 
have to try about 5 or 6 different sites before I find a good one, sometimes 
I don't feel a thing), but it's a small price to pay for having so much 
better control.
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