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Re: [IPk] Increase in HBAIc since commening on pump

This sounds like a pretty tough Christmas. I would think because of the
tongue injuries that the young man did have a fit, and bit his tongue in the
process. Not a problem, as anyone will fit in a serious hypo.

Losing info from the pump is another problem, but perhaps the casualty staff
simply took out the batteries as a way to stop delivering insulin, they may
never have seen an insulin pump before. If the batts are out long enough,
perhaps the information becomes lost?

Is is possible that your son tampered with his basals, in an effort to 'get
it right', and misjudged it? Teenagers are unpredictable, let's face it!

If all this had not happened, I would have suggested that perhaps he wasn't
having enough insulin; rising HbA1c, and perhaps higher glucose levels, if
not all the time then at some times? If the sugars are great, (and I don't
like suggesting this as he is old enough to take most responsibility) but
what about peeking over his shoulder when he does one or two tests, to see
what the readings are like. Sorry, young man, but I'm a suspicious type!

Good luck and keep working on it.

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