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Re: [IPk] 37 year old male scared of needles????????

> I think my biggest problem is having to use my tummy.  I've
> never used that as an injection site. 
> Is there anyone out there who felt the same at first?  How did you
> get on in the end?
> Yes, I know the saying "Don't be a wimp and stick it in" but I need
> to hear something a little more constructive.
> Thanks
> Julian

Ok, her goes....

Many moons ago, when my 11 yo daughter was set to start pumping in a 
few days, she had the same problem as you with tummy sticks. We 
were sitting in the parking lot of a KFC about to go in for dinner 
with the whole family (4 b's & s's). She agreed she would shoot her 
meal insulin in her tummy, but I had to do it first. I proceeded to 
stick a syringe under the skin sideways and "twanged" the end so it 
vibrated. My daughter stared at it for a moment and then gave herself 
her first ever "tummy" insulin injection. What's really interesting 
is that she immediately looked up at me and said "that didn't hurt at 
all" and since then has never done an injection in a leg or arm, only 
tummy --- that was almost 8 years ago.  My unscientific 
observation is that tummy injections don't seem to come 
with the occasional ugly bleeds that occur in thighs and 
arms. And....yes, she has been pumping all that time, but still has 
had to do a few injections -- always in the tummy. If you are really 
a big chicken, you can put some ice (in a baggy) on the injection 
site for a few minutes. You will not feel a thing.

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