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[IPk] Increase in HBAIc since commening on pump

My son, 12 has been on the pump for 6 months, during this time his HBA1c has
increased from 7.1 to 9.2.  Could this be due to the onset of puberty or the
fact that he is no longer having hypos 2/3 times a day.  He is concerned about
the increase, as am I, any suggestions.

Another problem we encountered a week before christmas, I found him unconcious
in a pool of blood in a room that looked like a scene from the Texas Chainsaw
Masacre.  He had cuts to his eyes, tongue both sides, forehead and bridge of
his nose.  Either he went very low and fell backwards and forwards, or fitted,
it would have been his first fit.  We had to call the paramedics.  This was at
5.30 in the morning that I found him.  When I eventually checked his pump all
the basal rates had dissapeared.  This is the second time they have gone, has
anyone else had this problem.  At the moment he is chaning batteries every
three days, I dont think this is quite right either.
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