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Re: [IPk] 37 year old male scared of needles????????

Julian - for me, inserting an infusion set is not a trivial pain-free
activity. But it is something that has to be done. And only 2 or 3 times a
week - rather than maybe 14-35 times a week on injections. There is a local
anaesthetic cream (called EMLA?) that will numb the area while you insert
the needle - but I've never used it. Some claim to stick an ice cube on the
skin. Or Melissa pinches it hard. My worry there is that I might end up
going through a nerve or blood vessel, and not feel it. (After a while you
get a feel for what is happening.)

If it hurt very badly, you may have been unlucky and hit a major nerve on
the surface of the skin. If that happens to me, I move 1cm and try again.
If it gets stuck part way in, I usually take it out and try again a small
distance away. The less pain I feel going in, the better that infusion site

SofSets with a SofSerter - just press the button. There's nothing more to
it. I used SofSets like that for my first 6 months. I tried Tenders a
couple of times, and couldn't face the sight of that enormous needle. Then
I came back to it a short while later, and it didn't seem so bad afterall.
I now only use Tenders, and enjoy the convenience of having a much wider
area of body to use, since you need less fat.

You don't *have* to use your stomach, but the evidence is that that area
gives the fastest most predictable absorbtion. Courtesy of Disetronic,
there's a body map at

I've also heard talk of a Silhouette insertion gun (called a SilSerter?)
but I don't know if it's available yet.


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