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Re: [IPk] 37 year old male scared of needles?


To ease the pain of insertion, pick a spot and pinch up *hard* for about 30
seconds before you go for it.  I don't know if that technique of reducing the
impact of a needle has been hyped much in the UK in general or by your health
care team in particular, but seems to distract your body a little to have pain
receptors register the hard pinch before the jab.

On the courage level, well, do you want the pump or do you not?  Every time I
put in a set I have to ask myself that question, and I've been pumping for 5.5
years.  I'm not the most venerable pumper on the list, but I daresay I've been
pumping long enough that if I were ever going to "get over" inserting a needle
in my abdomen, I'd have crossed that bridge by now.  It might have helped me
psychologically that I used an automatic injector thing (a little device I
loaded a drawn-up syringe into and then put on the fold of skin I'd pinched
up--not a jet spray injector thingy) to inject into my abdomen when I was
still on MDI, but putting a set in is a bigger deal in terms of the size of
the needle (I use Tender/Silhouette sets) than any insulin syringe needle I've
seen.  Julian, if you've *never* used your abdomen as an injection site, you
have TONS of fresh, unscarred tissue just waiting to absorb insulin!!!  You
might have a considerable amout of scar tissue making your life a little
harder and your insulin absorption a little less predictable in the places you
have historically used to inject.

To return to the question of whether you want a pump, your list participation
of late makes me think you really do!    When you were first diagnosed, you
might have said to yourself, "I don't think I can stick a needle in myself at
all!"  How many injections do you take in a week right now?  Remember, you
only have to put a new set in at most twice a week.  Putting in a new set is
no fun to do, but the lifestyle flexibility and tighter control I get makes
the momentary discomfort worthwhile.

You can do it!!!

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