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Re: [IPk] Any swimmers?

>I was just wondering if people who swim after disconnecting their
>Silohoette (excuse spelling!)infusion set re-prime the cannula (not
>tubing)with one unit after reconnecting. The cover for the infusion site
>has a little hole in it so I imagine it is possible for the insulin left
>in the cannula to leak out or at least be diluted.

The connector stuck to you on a Tender/Silhouette is self-sealing, so
there's no real need to cover it - unless you are doing something very
dirty (mud bathing etc).

The clippy cover thing (shaped like a euro symbol don't you think?) which
falls out of the Tender/Silhouette box (and which I've never used) I think
is there to guide a needle, should you wish to inject into the

I never suspend or stop my pump when I disconnect it (for a bath, say)
since the continual trickle of basal rate will reduce the risk of air-born
bugs and nasties getting into the system.

>On another point, got my morning levels sorted out - my basal rate
>actually doubles (0.6 to 1.2) between 3 and 11 AM, this seems like a big
>jump but works well.

Glad you've got it sorted out :-)


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