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Re: [IPk] Any swimmers?

Hi Richie
I used to swim quite a bit and I would usually take a bolus of between 0.5 - 
1 unit on reconnecting afterwards, to make up for the missed insulin. I use 
Silhouettes too. Normally for exercise I need to reconnect or unsuspend the 
pump about 30 mins before I finish exercising. Obviously when swimming you 
can't do this, so I needed to take an extra bolus when I did reconnect 
However, I don't think you should need to actually reprime the cannula, 
because the insulin can't actually leak out when the line is disconnected 
(it's a kind of one-way thing). Similarly, water can't get in because there's 
no pressure to force it in. Unless you were mudbathing then it's pretty safe. 
But in any case if you put the cover on there shouldn't be a hole anyway, as 
far as I remember. That's the point of the cover.

As for dawn syndrome, that's a big increase but not totally surprising. My 
rate increases by about 50% during the morning. If it works, then great!

On Friday 11 January 2002 11:54, you wrote:
> Hi there,
> I was just wondering if people who swim after disconnecting their
> Silohoette (excuse spelling!)infusion set re-prime the cannula (not
> tubing)with one unit after reconnecting. The cover for the infusion site
> has a little hole in it so I imagine it is possible for the insulin left in
> the cannula to leak out or at least be diluted. On another point, got my
> morning levels sorted out - my basal rate actually doubles (0.6 to 1.2)
> between 3 and 11 AM, this seems like a big jump but works well. Many thanks
> Richie
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