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Re: [IPk] Infusion tube

>I know I'm always asking questions, but I hope you'll indulge me.  I
>notice that the tubes for the infusion sets are quite long.  Thats fine
>when you're in bed or in the bath etc.  What about when you have a pump
>clipped to your belt and the only distance is to your tummy.  How do you
>stow the excess tubing?

I put the pump in my trouser pocket (I wore it proudly on my belt for a few
months, then got bored of people saying "hey John, what's that?") and the
tube I pass through the small slit I have crudely cut in the top of the
lining of my pockets. This way the whole thing stays out of sight, the
tubing can't get caught on door-handles, and in winter there's no risk of
anying freezing.

Where does the tube go? It just lies wherever it wants to under my clothing.


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