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Re: [IPk] Teflon Sets

On Thursday 10 January 2002 00:14, you wrote:
> I know the manufacturers recomend teflon sets be changed every three days. 
> Can anyone tell me how long they really leave them in?

Hi Julian
On average I change mine every 3 days. But sometimes a set will feel fine and 
I leave it a couple of days longer. Or I forget how many days I've had it in. 
Thelongest I've ever gone was 6 days, and it was fine. But remember that the 
longer you leave it in, the greater the chance of scarring etc (even if it's 
not visible on the surface, it may be doing damage beneath the skin). Also, I 
tend to find that often after 3 days the insulin seems to become less 
effective or more erratically absorbed, which I put down to degradation of 
the site and therefore problems with absorption.
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