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RE: [IPk] Opsite, Tegaderm etc

>All this discussion regarding allergies is interesting as I
>had my first allergic reaction last week.

Bev - I have very fair skin too. When I started pumping 4 years ago I used
SofSets, and the rectangular patch left a horrendous weal on my skin - but
it never fell off! Then MiniMed changed the glue: it didn't leave so bad a
mark, but it fell off too easily. This was one of my reasons for trying the
Tender/Silhouette option. This works very well for me. It has the
disadvantage of having to be inserted by hand, but that gives the advantage
of being able to abort an insertion if I feel I'm hitting a blood vessel or

I very occasionally get a slight rash - small red spots around the outside
of the oval patch, but it clears up quickly and is not a problem. Once I
got a rash an inch away from the patch, which left me confused, but I think
a dermatologist would say that is life as far as skin goes.


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