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Re: [IPk] Travels with my pump

I flew from Stansted to Northern Cyprus over Christmas (via Turkey) and 
didn't experience any problems with security ( I very rarely do). 
I'd been advised to carry a doctor's letter saying I had DM, because of 
carrying needles in my hand luggage, but I didn't need to produce it.
I walked straight through the Xray machines with my pump attached and needles 
in my hand luggage, didn't set anything off and didn't raise any comments or 
questions from anyone. Same coming back. In fact, that's been my experience 
every time I've travelled with my pump. I don't mention it unless they ask, 
and I don't get any bother at all. I think one time they saw it when it was 
clipped to my trousers, and I told them what it was and they said that's fine.
I must be either lucky or have an innocent look about me :-)
Interestingly at Ercan airport they are pretty strict on security, and as you 
get on the plane, they spread all the checked in luggage on the tarmac and 
make you identify it before they'll load it onto the plane. It's the only 
airport I know of that makes you do that! The good thing about that is they 
very rarely lose luggage, because you can see it being put on the plane, and 
you also know if it's not there.

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