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[IPk] Hypos and awareness

Hi all,

Pat, you can put the dressing (Opsite, Polyskin) onto your skin first and then
put the pump through it - no hole or gaps, the pump adhesive does not touch
your skin.  These dressings are adhesive and hypoallergenic but obviously
you'd want to test them out first.

In pre-pump days, when my control was pretty dreadful and HbA1c high (reason
for going on pump!), I would often experience hypo-like sensations at BG
levels as high as 10 (and not necessarily when BG was falling, which is a
cause of experiencing "false hypos").  This has improved such that I now start
feeling hypo at around 4, although occasionally I've had experiences similar
to Abigail, feeling odd when my BG is rising.

I'm pretty sure that I had nocturnal hypos without waking - I usually knew
because in the morning I would feel awful and would have a high BG.  Sometimes
I did wake and sure enough BG was low, and I would feel similarly the next
morning.  I don't get these any more since going on the pump, thank heavens!

IDDM 30-odd years, pumper 14 months
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