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Re: [IPk] Macrovascular Complications

On Sunday 06 January 2002 14:46, you wrote:
> Ive just been reading on the internet that tight blood glucose control does
> not decrease the risk of macrovascular complications. Is this true ? If so
> what is the point ? 

Hi Stephen
Where exactly did you read this? You should be aware that not everything you 
find on the internet is correct.....
As far as I remember, according to the DCCT tight blood glucose control 
decreases the risk of all types of complications, including macrovascular 

> Also do the statistics quoted for degree of risk of
> complications take into account developments in the last 15 years such as
> self blood testing. 

I'm not sure what you mean by this, because the statistics quoted usually 
show the risk of complications vs the level of control (usually HbA1C level). 
So that's really independent from developments such as self blood testing. 
Clearly, people who test more tend to get better control, so there is a link, 
but I can't see how developments such as this could affect the statistics.....
But in short, the answer is yes, because these statistics are mostly from the 
DCCT and other trials done in the last few years.

Ive also read that the amount of insulin you take also
> increases your risk of macrovascular complications. Is this true ? This is
> particularly worrying since due to my current weight I am on rather a large
> daily dosage.

I have heard this too, but I think it's a "maybe" rather than a definite. The 
more you weigh, in general the more insulin resistance you will have, and 
therefore the more insulin you need. I think insulin resistance may 
contribute towards complications, but I don't think anything's really proven. 
But the good news is that as you begin to sort yourself out and lose weight 
(which I'm sure you will do), your insulin needs should drop.
I've recently lost nearly a stone and I've noticed my total insulin 
requirements drop quite considerably. Also, I don't know if you're 
considering an insulin pump, but if you are, that may also mean you end up 
taking less insulin (basically, because it gets where it's supposed to go 
more effectively than by injection, so you need less of it to do the same 
thing). When I went on the pump, my total insulin daily usage dropped from 
about 60 units to about 40, and it's now dropped to about 30 since I lost 
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