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[IPk] Hypo's -etc

I have had diabetes for 27 years (since age 11)  The first two years I felt fitter than I had ever felt in my life.  From age 13 I began to have fits on a very regular basis and this continued until my early thirties.  Was it hypo or epilepsy? No one could ever make there mind up even though regular eeg tests showed nothing, and anti-epeleptic drugs did nothing.  Nobody seemed to care very much for my opinion on the matter.  From the age of about 18 I got myself into the habit of doing my best to keep my blood above 8 and below 15 to try and stop the fits.  This wasn't on medical advice.  i don't think it really helped an awful lot but it made me feel more secure.

These days I have the ususal stuff, Retinopathy and Neuropathy though I had to tell the doctors about the neuropathy and they wouldn't believe it.  Apparently it's a relatively new idea in diabetes.  I was being treated for Angina for several years despite a negative Angigram.  I also had problems with feeling in my fingers and toes and lots of Appendicitis like symptoms regularly.  I think at the end of it the doctors thought I must be suffering from hypocondria.  After what I have read on this site and after speaking to our fellow american diabetics I now know that these symptoms are a fact of diabetes and I feel so let down by this.

What I would like to know is this-- has anyone else had this sort of problem and felt stonewalled by the medical profession.  Now you are on a pump are things generally better?

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