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Re: [IPk] hypo awareness

Crikey. Time to spill the beans about hypos...

Since I started on the pump 4 years ago, the level at which I feel hypo has
not changed - and I've watched it quite carefully. 3.9 is when I usually
feel those initial funny feelings. If I'm out and about, I might miss it
and not pick up the feelings until 2.8. But rarely lower than that.

In the last 4 years I've had 2 bad hypos - one during the night when I woke
twitching and sweating. I reckoned my basal requirement had suddently
dropped. And one while driving (and moving house). I reckoned my awareness
had been reduced due to a mild hypo the previous night.

Pre-pump, bad night hypos were very common, and I think my girlfriend (now
wife) was very brave to put up with it all.

I think I now have a mild hypo at some point nearly every day. Different
times, different reasons, usually nothing a few discrete glucose tablets
doesn't fix.

I do find that my nearly-2-year-old son gets irritable if I am getting
borderline hypo. Interesting. Is this like people who claim to have a dog
that spots their hypos for them? Hmmm. Somebody once said to me if you
think you are hypo, and the child is screaming, ignore the child and treat
the hypo. Good advice.


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