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Re: [IPk] morning sugars

>Just a question someone might be able to help me with while I am waiting
>for the diabetes clinic to re-open. I seem to have got my night time
>basals under control by raising my rate from 0.6 during the day to 0.8
>from between 4 and 10 am. I wake at about eight these days and lie on till
>about ten while checking my sugars every so often. Things seem finr untill
>about 11 am when after getting up my sugars rocket by 4 to 5 mmol/l. Is
>this a prolonged dawn phen. or maybe associated with the 'stress' response
>of the body to being kicked out of bed? Any comments would be greatly
>appreciated. On the same point, do people tend to change their basals for
>lying-in as opposed to heading off to work early in the morning?

Hi Richie -

We are all different. But getting out of bed in the morning does represent
a crisis for the body. Blood pressure and circulation changes. We break our
fast - drink coffee even! Our balance mechanism switches on for the first
time since we went to bed. It would not surprise me if this results in a
change in insulin sensitivity for some.

Incidently, the balance mechanism resides in the brain near part of our
hypo recognition system - and I've heard it suggested that that is one
reason night time hypos feel different. It's not that we are asleep, but
rather that the recognition system has switched off.

All the best -


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