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Re: [IPk] Is it really that good?

>I am Julian's partner.  I am worried that he is expecting to much from
>this pump.  He is currently looking through all the Disetronic info on an
>almost constant basis, just like a man buying a new BMW.  He has a few
>health problems that could be associated with his diabetes.  Some of the
>main being constant tiredness, some people would call it just being lazy.
>He also gets irratable often. Sometimes in the past things have got so bad
>he has ended up having fits.  Nobody has ever been able to decide whether
>it is epilepsy or his diabetes.  I am worried that this pump may not be
>the miricle he is hoping for and that he will find that he has wasted his
>money.  The local health trust does not fund pumps around here.  I would
>be very grateful for your comments, particularly from people who
>experienced health problems prior to going on the pump and have found some
>of them to be resolved.

Hi Julian and partner!

When I started on a pump, I had a one month money back guarantee, so it
wasn't a financial gamble. I know some Disetronic users have negotiated a 3
month trial period.

Maybe I was lucky, but I found a whole host of minor health problems
cleared up shortly after I started pumping. My athletes foot which I had
had on and off for 20 years vanished and has not come back. My thrush went.
A toenail fungus disappeared. My skin became less dry. I stopped getting
colds every winter. I started to sleep a constant night of deep sleep,
which is a delight when you've slept badly for years. I woke with a
controllable bg level. I no longer had night time hypos (unless I was
careless with my bolussing etc -). My constant tiredness cleared up (due to
sleeping well? I don't know). The body is a very complex machine, and when
things go wrong you can't always know what's causing what.

For me, the gap between deciding I wanted to try a pump, getting a doctor's
clearance, and finally starting, seemed like the longest wait in the
world... but the time eventually passed. Disetronic and MiniMed both have
excellent training and support programs which you should use if possible.

36 years old, diabetes 24 years, MiniMed 507 pump 4 years
And just back from a 2 week Christmas tour around Britain - I almost
survived the family visits!

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