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Re: [IPk] Reply to Tony & HbA1c

Hi Dave,

no that wasn't a hypo, it was too much of something else.

The link to the new HbA1c machine is


The other machine is the DCA2000 from Bayer diagnostics, who also make
glucometer meters. This one is cheaper, costing around IR# 1,000, Euro 1270
or around stg# 800. Of course there is a cost per test as well. It does look
as if we will have ready access to these tests in the near future.

I'm interested in the discussion about hypos Dave, and I agree with Diana.
What you are describing is well known, where lower than usual sugars are
sensed by the brain as something wrong, while nowhere near low enough to
cause loss of brain function. Don't forget, people without diabetes never
have a BG of 8.

The brain adapts to gradually bringing sugars down, and continues to adapt
even when we start having hypos, to the extent that if we have lots of
hypos, we lose awareness of them. The cure for hypo unawareness is to avoid
them with careful control for a few weeks, and the cure for what you
describe Dave is to gradually lower to 4-8 and ignore strange feelings you
get along the way (after checking that you're not really hypo of course!).

Hypos seem to have two distinct components, which are not completely linked,
as this example shows. One is the actual glucose level, which will interfere
with our brain (and possibly heart) function if it gets very low, and the
other is our sensation of this. That almost indescribable 'funny' feeling is
a great warning signal, worth cultivating and definitely not to be ignored!
I've often felt hypo, then tested and found my BG around 4.2, and other
times I've wondered whether I might be, and the other day found I was 2.1,
which is pushing it!

Has anyone had the experience of unawareness, or the other extreme that Dave
was describing, feeling hypo at normal levels?

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