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Re: [IPk] Nigth time hypo's

Hi Dave
Ah, that makes a bit more sense!
>       Thanks for your tips, its unlike you to be computing at this time of
> night,

No, actually I'm often still at work late at night - the joys of working in
academia and being able to work when you want :-)

anyway I do often have readings between 4-8 then I panic if I'm
> feeling ok that I'm about to enter the hypo zone, what I meant was if my
> readings are between 8-12 I don't bolus to get them lower I just carry on
> norm.

That's not so bad as I was imagining then. But I do think you should aim to
gradually bring things down. With a pump, you could just blous say half a
unit to bring it down a little - you don't have to bring them crashing down.
If you can very very gradually get your BGs down a bit, it would be much
better for you in the long run. It took me months to get from the point
where I was feeling low at high levels to having hypos below 4, but it was
worth it in the end.

>      I occasionally do sit up all night if i do I fast and check my levels
> normal they rise till about 3am then go back down most mornings they are
> or lower, very sad aren't I but I bet Im not the only one?

That's not sad, it's very sensible! But why don't you do something about it?
With the pump you have a tool which enables you to rectify this situation.
You would need to look at raising your nighttime basal until about 2am to
counter this. That way you could end up with a steady BG level all through
the night, which I'm sure you'll agree is much better than having it go up
and down. All those hours of high BGs during the night are not good for you.
With MDI it's difficult to do anything about this, but with the pump you DO
have the tools to solve it.

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