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Re: [IPk] Nigth time hypo's

On Friday 04 January 2002 19:24, you wrote:
> Dear all,
>       Just to pick up on Matthews point I've not had one nightime hypo at
> all since pumping that is definatly one reason for pumping.

Hi Dave
How do you KNOW? Are you testing every 30 minutes throughout the night, every 
night? It's the same point as someone else made to Tony, who claimed he'd 
only ever had 3 nighttime hypos, or something like that. How does he know for 
a fact? Even if you sometimes wake up with a nighttime hypo, that doesn't 
mean you always will. I thought I always woke up when I was hypo, but using 
the Minimed continuous sensor showed that I had hypos without waking up.

>      Although I tend to try to keep my levels around 8-12 as below 8 I
> start getting servere hypo symptoms. As I have also pointed out to the
> doctors I know that this is not ideal readings as i test 8-12 times a day I
> can quickly bolus to bring them down if needed, its not as if they are
> staying high for long periods of time as they were on 2-6 injections a day.

But if your levels are between 8-12, then they ARE staying high for long 
periods of time! ALL the time. And that really isn't good.  I understand what 
you mean about the hypos when you go below this - I've experienced the same 
after having high BGs for  a long time - but by gradually reducing your BG 
levels, you will get to the point where you experience hypos at the normal 
level (below 4). It really isn't safe to keep your BGs that high.

>      The amount of hypo's I have now are few and far between and I can
> normally slow them down by turning off the pump and relaxing, without the
> needed to shovel loads of carbs down me, the bad ones are normally my own
> fault for exerting myself too much.

That's great, but I think you can still do much better and get your levels 
down to where they should be. It does take time and patience, but isn't it 
better than suffering the consequences of prolonged high BGs?
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