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[IPk] Reply to Patti Mack Rev Glucowatch

Dear Patti
Thanks for your reply. yes your right the consumable part of the Glucowatch is
a sensor, not a test strip
(my mistake). The sensors are priced UK at #50 (is that about 75 dollars?) for
16 strips, so I suppose if you were to use them only at night then you would
have 16 nights supply. This would work out at about  #3.00 odd per night UK or
somewhere near 4.6 dollars (ish). This seems to add a lot of further expense
assuming you have to pay for the sensors, or perhaps these may be paid by
insurance in the  USA.

Excuse me for asking, how come you are having hypos at night? I went on to a
pump to eliminate these night time lows. I use to 'conk out'  fairly regularly
(once or twice a week) before I went on to a pump but now these have been
eliminated for the last month or so, since pumping for me began (the fact that
I was having hypos at night was due to my old insulin not being able to give a
small enough release required by my body... or at least it was, according to
my Diabetic specialist). If your blood sugar at night is going so low, then
how come you haven't lowered your night time basals to prevent this from
happening? Sorry if you think I am being stupid but surely this is the beauty
of pumping, in as much as the basal can be altered to suit your body needs.

Personally I think I would rather run  with a slightly higher blood sugar,
than risk having any more hypos.

Do you have a fairly regular pattern of blood sugar readings at night or do
they 'peak and trough'?

I just thought for me that the Glucowatch could be easier that regular finger
pricking, but I think I will only consider it if the sensors are available on
free prescription through UK's National Health System (which I've got a
sneaking suspicion that they wont be!).


All the best I'm sure that it must be possible to prevent night time hypos, my
pump suppliers (Disectronic) have suggested that I should be able to sort out
my basal rates to prevent further night time hypos so hopefully the same is
possible for you.

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