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Re: [IPk] sites and insertion

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>Now he went back to Uni and had a go, the needle type one, he could
>not tolerate in his belly, the soft curved type he kept in all night
>and generally tolerated much better, but his ideal solution would be
>never having to stick anything into his abdomen, does anybody have
>experience of site selection other than abdomen, or needles for wimpy,
>skinny people :-) I can say that because he will not read this.

Hi Fiona
Needles for wimpy skinny people - try the Silhouette as you can insert it
at a very shallow angle, or the shorter length Rapids (don't know which
ones he's tried). 
Keep away from Sofsets if you are skinny!
Other sites - hips are good - i like just above, some like just below.
Anywhere you inject is fine - buttocks can be good (go for the an area high
upso you're not sittimg on the set though!), also thighs. You may have
absorption problems there - I do but some find it ok. I tried upper arms
but got no absorption there.
Pregnant women pumping don't tend to use stomach at all and get by, but I'd
persevere with the stomach and short needles.
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