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[IPk] sites not working

Has anyone had the experience of  a site suddenly stopping working?

I had a strange experience last night.
Tested at 7pm before I left work. BG 6. Tested again before dinner at 8.30
- BG 15. Strange, I thought, as it had been normal all day and I hadn't
done anything odd. Bolused an extra couple of units and had dinner. 10pm
tested again - BG 20! Thought I might have got the dinner carbs  bit wrong,
but not that wrong. Bolused 5 units. Tested again at about 10.45  - BG 15.
Aha, it's on its way down, I thought. Went to bed. Woke up at 3am feeling a
bit rough - tested at 29!!!
By this time I decided it was worth changing my set. Did so, bolused 7
units and went back to sleep. Woke up at 7.30, BG 15, took an extra 2
units, had breakfast. By 9.30 my BG was down to 3.5, and the rest of the
day it's been perfect. I guess it was the site, but it's weird for it to
very suddenly stop working like that.
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