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Re: [IPk] skiing......

>On the following day I had to change my infusion set - with one hand - my
>left one too. Very tricky - I got the first one in but it fell out almost
>instantly - but the 2nd one was perfect!

Hey - you poor old thing Di!

Rapids and Contacts are designed for easy insertion. Peel off the backing
paper and stick the short needle straight in. That's it.

Or might the MiniMed SofSets be useful, inserted with the spring loaded
SofSerter gun?

All these, and more, at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/main/products.shtml

Carmel - you mentioned your search for other infusion sets. You might want
to try the SofSets which go straight in at right angles. Or the Rapids or
Contacts which go straight in. They are hard needles and have different
needle lengths. Some like it, some don't. I remember someone on this list -
or perhaps the US list - saying that even with plenty of fat, you didn't
necessarily need a longer needle, since fat is furnished with a blood
supply. You only need a longer needle if you have thick skin. And I'm sure
you're not thick-skinned :-)

When I first started I tried all the different infusion sets, so I knew
that my final choice (Tenders/Silhouettes) were based on my own personal


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