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Re: Re [IPk] skiing

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>Hi Di,
>Sorry to about your unfortunate accident, I hope that it will soon be more
>comfortable for you. I realize that you did not have much choice at the time
>but I feel that you should be congratulated and given credit for managing to
>insert a new infusion set and do blood glucose tests with one hand and that
>not being the one you use most.

It's not easy but it's nice to know it's possible.
Seriously, it's probably a good idea to practice doing these kind of things
just in case you ever have to do it with one hand - especially the wrong
one. I didn't feel I could ask a perfect stranger to help me put in a
set!!! And I was terrified at the thought of not being able to use my pump!
I can clean my teeth ok because i've broken my right wrist before and
sprained it several times, so i've had lots of practice, although it still
feels weird. I've never used a keyboard with only one hand though - hence
my v slow and inaccurate typing. Typical -i have a big project report to
write this week too!
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