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Re: [IPk] putting my case forward & update as requested by Abigail

Hi Abigail and everyone interested,

Many thanks for coming back with the update request. First of all I would
like to say that I hope you are all well and free from winter colds & flu
etc. I try to keep an eye on what is happening on the IP-UK list by checking
my mail as often as possible, some of the letters make me chuckle, others I
with and often feel that I should pass comment but as I usually check my
late at night, I don't stay to do it. For instance,I found your articles on
"Quick hypos" and "Spare sets" to be of interest Abigail and as for
Elizabeth, I think a book could be written on her experiences.

Anyway to answer the question. Well I am doing quite well really, I
certainly wouldn't want to go back to my former regimen. My first HbA1c
since starting pump therapy was 6.8, previously it was always over 7. Of
course I was quite pleased with this result but I haven't as yet achieved
the results that I would like to.  My blood glucose levels are far more
erratic than  they ought to be, this probably for two reasons, one I am
coeliac as well as diabetic and two I estimate too much and do not put
enough thought into different absorption rates. The latter of course is
entirely my own fault. The main thing is that I feel so much better and
numerous people have told both my wife and myself that I look so much
better. I have had a few hypos but nothing really serious, again some of
these entirely my own fault. Before the pump I used to go out cold quite
frequently and that was rarely my fault and this in spite of 4 to 5 blood
glucose tests per day. My wife Yvonne has always kept a close check on me,
she still does now.

To answer the question regarding my consultant's attitude; the first
consultation after starting pump therapy was not very pleasant, the
atmosphere was very cold and it was obvious that he was not very happy, I
think that I may have told you all this before. However, on the second
occasion there was a young female student doctor with him, so he was much
more normal but I do not feel that we are quite back to where we were before
the subject of pumps was introduced.

All for now.


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