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Re [IPk] skiing

Hi Di,

Sorry to about your unfortunate accident, I hope that it will soon be more
comfortable for you. I realize that you did not have much choice at the time
but I feel that you should be congratulated and given credit for managing to
insert a new infusion set and do blood glucose tests with one hand and that
not being the one you use most.

I have had both hands operated on for carpal tunnel syndrome problems. I am
generally right handed and the thing that I found most difficult when the
right hand was out of use, was cleaning my teeth. Someone else told me that
they had the same experience when they broke their right arm.

Just as a matter of interest I will tell you a little tale about an
experience that occurred just as the first operation was about to begin.
These operations were both carried out under a local anaesthetic but I was
kept in as a day patient before and after the ops. I was in the theatre, the
surgeon was holding the scalpel and studying my hand, just as he was about
to make the incision the door flew open and another surgeon dressed for
theatre work started to curse and swear at my surgeon using really vile and
abusive language, next I heard someone running and the theatre sister
appeared and threw the intruder out. The surgeon never said anything to me,
as soon as the door was shut he just quickly sliced my hand, naturally I was
very apprehensive about the knife being used on my hand after the row but it
was all done very quickly. I feel that he was understandably a bit on the
rough side. When I saw him 6 weeks later for a check up, he apologized and
told me that his colleague was accusing him of frequently grabbing first
appointments in the theatre for diabetic patients and so  his patients were
having to wait until later in the day. The 2nd op. 12 months later was
carried out by a different surgeon and went off very smoothly. This hand
healed up internally much quicker than the first.

When I had a very serious hypo and broke my right ankle in January 1998, it
took 4= hours for the hospital team to bring me around, my wife told me that
they were getting very concerned, however as soon as I was able to
understand they told me that I would have to be put out again to temporarily
set my ankle. It was then set, plated and screwed three days later.

Enough for now, once again best wishes Di.

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