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Re: [IPk] skiing......

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, you wrote:
>Hi Di,
>What an intro to skiing!
>I hope your wrist isn't too sore, and that you get it out of plaster (?) 

It's not so bad now, but the first few days it hurt like hell.....and the
trip to the hospital was rather prolonged......
Interesting that although I had reduced my insulin substantially for the
anticipated skiing that day, most of which I didn't do, but my BG remained
normal until about 6 hours later when it inreased a little. Normally bshock
etc makes it skyrocket. And I was really in shock for the first few hours -
feeling really faint and sick. After the first day, my BG was again normal
- again strange as I would have expected it to be high for ages.
On the following day I had to change my infusion set - with one hand - my
left one too. Very tricky - I got the first one in but it fell out almost
instantly - but the 2nd one was perfect! I was so relieved I didn't have to
go back to injections! Doing blood tests is a little tricky with one hand
too. And of course I ca only use the fingers on the right hand fot
pricking. I might start using the vampire blood sucker thing that works on
your arm etc.

 5 more weeks in plaster - I think I'm going to go nuts!
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