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Re: [IPk] designer needing help

As you say correctly, there are devices like this already in trial
stages.  I had the opportunity to try one out.  It had a little sensor
which goes under the skin - to someone who is used to being attached to
an insulin pump, this is not in principle unacceptable.  As you advise
I will refrain from any specific negative or positive comment about the
device (although I did not promise anything to the manufacturer).

I will echo what others say in that to a diabetic, all sorts of things
may be acceptable if they help one in the difficult task of balancing
food, insulin and activity to remain at normal blood glucose levels.
This means that given that the device is accurate and reliable and
gives immediate readings, it would be very much welcomed, even with the
little subcutaneous sensor.  To the best of my knowledge, current
devices do not quite fulfil these criteria - otherwise they would
probably be on the market, not just under trial.
'Design' aspects of this device which occur to me is that there should
not need to be large extents of sticky tape or plaster all around the
sensor - pump sets seem to remain attached with minimal if any extra
tape for most (though not all) users - for this user at least, that
makes them much more acceptable.  A sensor which would be detachable
for showering would be much more acceptable for regular use (most pump
sets are detachable, i.e. you do not have to remove the subcutaneous
tube, you can detach it just above the skin, take your shower, and
re-attach).  Other design aspects would concern the data input/output
of the device - it is important that any data which needs to be input
(current devices tend to need glucometer data input for calibration
purposes - dont know about your device) can be checked before being
taken up by the device.

I'd be happy to answer other questions too.
email @ redacted

I work for a design consultancy in London, I'm responsible for the 
factors of what we design, which means that I try to guide the 
towards being sympathetic to the REAL way in which products are used 
and the
problems that people can have in using the things we design.

Right now we're working on a glucose sensor that can be worn and that 
measure blood glucose levels constantly.  It will, however, have a 
sensor that will fit just under the skin.  Clearly I want to make sure 
this will be acceptable and not cause any significant pain or 

There would appear to be many similarities between what we plan for 
device and what is currently done for insulin infusion.  So I would be 
interested in getting into contact with anyone willing to share their

If that's you, please get in touch with me somehow, addresses & numbers

Please note I do not want you to break any confidences you may have 
manufacturers if, for example, you've taken part in a trial - please be

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,   Martin Bontoft

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