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[IPk] Islet Transplants

Dear All,
Thought you might be interested to read attached Press Release re the above. 
My sister forwarded it to me - she works for London Television News (ITV 
Local News Station for London & SE)

Ian Grant
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From: Katie Appleton [email @ redacted]
Sent: 26 January 2001 08:41
To: 'email @ redacted'


Thought you might be interested in story we're doing today about new
research into diabetes... we'll broadcast it at 1340hrs + 1800hrs... details

Hope you and Claire are well? Any chance of meeting up soon?

Katie xxx




The Royal Free is part of a groundbreaking research programme that could
lead to an end to insulin injections. It is being launched on Friday (26).

The work will take forward a revolutionary procedure developed by
British-born surgeon James Shapiro which involves transplanting insulin
producing cells into people suffering from diabetes who are unable to make
their own insulin.

The research charity Diabetes UK has brought together a consortium of
centres across the country, including the Royal Free Hospital, to develop
and refine Shapiro's work.

Transplants of the whole pancreas have been an effective treatment for
insulin dependent diabetes for many years, but diabetic patients do not need
a whole pancreas, only the islets that comprise about 2% of the whole organ.

"A major breakthrough came in Canada," explained Dr Martin Press, consultant
endocrinologist. "They now have 13 out of 15 transplanted patients
completely off insulin for up to 22 months following islet transplantation."

Research is at a very early  stage and at the moment the procedure  would
not be appropriate for everybody.

"Pancreatic islet transplantation may be the most important advance in
insulin-dependent diabetes since the discovery of insulin in 1921. It does
not represent the end of insulin dependent diabetes, partly because of the
shortage of donors, but we hope it may represent the beginning of the end,"
said Dr Press.

Details of the research will be announced on 26 January at 1145 at the Royal
Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ. Please ring one of the
following at Diabetes UK to reserve a place: Srabani Sen on 020 7462 2680,
Rasheed Ogunlaru on 020 7462 2682 or Chrissie Simons on 020 7462 2681. For
more information at the Royal Free, please contact the press office on 020
7830 2963. There is also a hotline for members of the public: 0845 6013506.


Diabetes UK is the largest patient body in Europe and the biggest funder of
diabetes research in the UK. It spends around #4.5m on research each year.

People with diabetes cannot convert the glucose in their blood into energy
because the hormone insulin either is not produced or does not work
properly. Insulin is produced in the pancreas in islet cells.
The other centres taking part in the research are: King's College Hospital,
London; Oxford Transplant Centre and Nuffield Department of Surgery,
Radcliffe NHS Trust; Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge; University Hospitals
of Leicester; Southmead Hospital, Bristol; Worcestershire's Acute Hospitals
NHS Trust.

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