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Re: [IPk] designer needing help

Hi Martin -

Pat's mail on this topic was quite eloquent. I don't think I'd go for a
Lord of the Rings-size monitor initially, however! But I also have my pump
already, and I'm well aware that my diet has a lot to do with my less than
optimum blood sugars.

I use the Silhouette infusion set, and I would be very happy to have a
second machine and a second 'installation' on my body if the sensor was
something like that.  I would probably put up with something a bit more
awkward and a bit less convenient for something as wonderful as continuous
blood sugar info. In fact, it would be well worth it because it would save
me from hypos, like the very minor one I had last night because I was at
dinner with friends and nothing, except for the two oat cakes, was easy to
estimate and match to my insulin. I have quite a few of those hypos a
month, probably 8 or more, because diabetes can't rule my life completely.
I think a continuous monitor that displayed data would help me avoid those.
I promise to try not to become a compulsive monitor watcher!

Please keep us up to date on what you're doing, whether there are going to
be trials, and who qualifies to participate.  Me! Me!

elizabeth oshea
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