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Re: [IPk] Putting my case forward.

>Had my appointment with my new diabetes consultant yesterday, following a two
>month wait for an 'urgent' appointment, despite being a ward sister and being
>off sick for the past two months.  Shortage of nurses.  No wonder!!!!  Anyway,
>received the reaction which I was sort of expecting - "lets not focus on a
>pump at this stage and consider other options..." - despite having had the
>condition of 17 years - WHAT other options!!!!  Offered to introduce me to the
>pump rep though!  However, I've already dealt with this myself.  Other point
>was "the pump certainly isn't a problem solving device".

For me, a pump has been very much a problem solving device! It's a tool,
and it needs to be used intelligently, and it is not a total solution to
the frustrations of diabetes. But the problems it has solved for me include
no longer waking with a bg randomly between 2 and 20, no longer having bad
nighttime hypos that wreck me for the next day, never having to stop what
I'm doing to eat a meal to feed insulin injected hours ago. And so on...

Helen - it sounds as if your consultant lacks the budget and motivation to
support pumps at the clinic. Are there already other pump users at the
clinic? If not, you might want to be referred to a clinic that does support

It is a sad fact that it seems that those who are able and willing to fund
their own pumps can start quite quickly when they have a doctor's support,
whereas those who are unable or unwilling have to wait and wait and wait.
Some are lucky and get pump funding. Others go it alone :-(


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